Sri Vyasa Puja 1986

Daso asmi, Chapter 3

Dear Srila Prabhupada

Please accept my most humble obeisances in the dust of your lotus feet.

Today, on this most auspicious occasion of the celebration of your appearance within this world, I am intensely feeling separation from you, remembering your pastimes amongst us.

For a brief moment only you appeared at the threshold of my life, an uninvited but most welcome guest, who upon entering became my dearmost friend, as you changed the course of my destiny from an endless repetition of births and deaths, to the shelter of eternal service at your lotus feet.

My actual life began the day I met you; before that there was only a pretence of life in my great struggle for existence within this human race. Those first moments close to you passed quickly in the infancy of my spiritual life, but in your absence have given me the strength to bear all trials and tribulations as I strive to become the proper disciple I know you want me to be. As time goes on, memories fade of all but the many years of service unto you; exactly half my life to date…and may I pray forever more.

With many pleasant summers turn to chilly autumn falls, I understand more clearly now, it’s as you’ve always said…this world is not my real home- it only leads to death. O Prabhupada! I see it’s true, except for those who follow you beyond this shadow of eternal truth, to the transcendental realm where you now sport.

As each year unfolds and the seeds of your instructions manifest within my heart, I feel the strong grip of Maya letting go and myself coming a little closer to the goal of unalloyed devotion unto your lotus feet. But Prabhupada, the road is long and there are many dangers that lie between where I am now and where you are standing safely on the other shore.

So my prayer on this auspicious day, is that you will continue watching over me, and chastise me when you see fit, to keep me free from lust and greed and all that’s still in between my seeing you, as once before…in the beginning, when you appeared for but a brief moment at the threshold of my life; my dearmost friend, eternal father…Srila Prabhupada.

Your eternal servant

Indradyumna Swami

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