Sri Vyasa Puja 1989

Daso asmi, Chapter 6

Nama om visnupadaya Krsna presthaya bhu-tale
Srimate bhaktivedanta svamin iti namini

Namas te sarasvate deve gaura vani pracarine
Nivisesa sunyavadi pascatya desa tarine

Dearest Srila Prabhupada,

Today on this most auspicious occasion
Of your appearance in this world,
I am intensely feeling separation from you.
Remembering your pastimes amongst us.

Just twenty years ago today
You appeared within my life;
An uninvited but most welcome guest,
Who remains my eternal guide.

You gave me your mercy,
I gave you my life,
With little perception of the gifts you’d given,
In the infancy of my spiritual life.

In the joy of my fortune, years passed as moments
In service to your mission,
When suddenly that fateful day,
You passed away from my vision.

Quickly discovering you once again,
In the shelter of your instructions
I found a solace that has now matured
Into genuine inspiration.

O Prabhupada! I miss you now, on days like this,
Though I know you’re forever present;
Those first special moments spent with you
Remain an eternal treasure.

I miss the touch of your lotus hand,
Like that one morning in Paris,
When seeing my eagerness to touch your feet,
You stopped and rubbed my head.

And oh! My good fortune, when your glance fell upon me
That day I peaked into your room!
And you motioned me forward, “All right, come on!”
And you gave me your own prasadam!

And where would I be, had you not slapped my back
One evening at the temple in London,
And told me life would be easier now
That you’re taking me back to the spiritual kingdom?

O Prabhupada! Precious moments with you
Remain fresh within my vision,
And give me the strength and ability
To bear all trials and tribulations.

And I feel your presence, even today
As you counsel and advise;
Sometimes praising, and even chastising
My foolish attempts to please you.

I hear you through your books,
Full of perfect knowledge,
That always seem to come to life
When I apply them in your service.

I hear you through my Godbrothers, too,
Who correct me when I’m wrong.
Like Syamalal Prabhu, who takes the time
To remind me of your instructions.

The flame of your enthusiasm
Still burns within our hearts.
Just see my friend Praghosa,
And how the books are going out!

And in kirtana with Ayodhyapati,
I feel the presence of the holy name.
O Prabhupada! It’s just as if
We were with you once again!

I see you too in Bombay,,
When Giriraja Swami speaks.
And I see your sharp intelligence
In the words Atma Tattva repeats.

Your instructions are as precious to me
As my very life.
Indeed they are, and always will be,
My eternal guiding light.

By your grace you guide my worship
To my Lordships everyday;
Through your mercy They accept my service
In Their pleasant smiling way!

Laksmi-Nrsimha, Govardhana-sila,
And Nitai-Nimai-sundara too,
My constant companions throughout this life
And, I pray, forever more.

Now each year my service grows,
For I’ve inherited your mission,
And like a grateful son I try to help others
By nurturing the seeds you’ve given.

Alas, this year even saw the pauper
Clothed in royal dress!
As disciples approached, and I accepted,
It’s what you wanted, you said.

But you know my heart; what can I do
But simply connect them to you?
On your order I take up the burden of love;
I’ve no qualifications, it’s true.

Whatever you ask I’ll try to do,
But how can I repay my debt?
For you have saved me from a hellish world
That only led to death.

But now I have life, so let me preach
Until my final breath!
And then send me, please,
To be with you, or where you feel it’s best.

To preach the glories of the holy name
One more time around again,
Or birth after birth, as you see fit,
Until I’m home with you again

Your eternal servant
Indradyumna Swami

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