Volume 2

An Offering to My Beloved Spiritual Master, Srila Prabhupada

Volume 2, Chapter 38 November 14, 1996 Today is the anniversary of Srila Prabhupada’s disappearance nineteen years ago. The occasion always causes a devotee to reflect on the mercy of his spiritual master, and his duty towards him. I end this volume of Diary of a Traveling Preacher with this offering to my beloved spiritual [...]

The Real Medicine

Volume 2, Chapter 37 November 13, 1996 My son, Gaura Sakti dasa, arrived from India. He brought me the real medicine: water that had bathed the Radha-Raman Deity in Sri Vrndavana dhama.

Only out of Fear Will I Detach Myself from the World

Volume 2, Chapter 36 November 13, 1996 Today is Govardhana-puja, and I have been in bed for seven days. What news can I report about being in bed for a week other than the pain I am in? One nice thing happened though. The devotees arranged a ceremony in the temple room for Govardhana-puja, but [...]

A Severe Concussion, Torn Ligaments, and Badly Bruised and Sprained Legs and Hands

Volume 2, Chapter 35 November 05, 1996 My chance to “realize these things and become serious about Krsna consciousness” came today. I stared death in the face, and by Krsna’s grace have lived to tell about it. This morning, Gadadhara dasa drove me into Durban for some routine errands. After visiting a shop, I was [...]

The Most Amazing Thing in the World

Volume 2, Chapter 34 November 02, 1996 This morning I heard that a godbrother had died while on a visit to Bangkok. Then this evening Sukamari dasi, a very nice disciple of H.G. Partha Sarathi Prabhu, received a phone call to say that her mother had died. Once again, I found myself helping a devotee [...]

Be Honest about Your Level of Krsna Consciousness

Volume 2, Chapter 33 November 01, 1996 I received a wonderful reception from the devotees at Durban’s Radha-Radhanatha Temple of Understanding. In my arrival address, I said that as a traveling sannyasi, I had the opportunity to visit many of the rooms within Srila Prabhupada’s house during the year and that all were doing well. [...]

Preparing for Durban Ratha-Yatra

Volume 2, Chapter 32 October 31, 1996 I left Russia for South Africa to begin preparations for Durban’s Ratha-yatra Festival in December. It will be the festival’s ninth year in Durban, and we hope to make it the biggest yet in honor of Srila Prabhupada’s Centennial.

I’ve Never Heard of Any Hare Krsna’s in Azerbaijan

Volume 2, Chapter 31 October 29, 1996 I left Azerbaijan this afternoon to return to Russia. At the airport we had to go through five security checks. As we lined up for the first one, a group of about twenty Americans arrived and worked their way to the front of the line, causing much contention [...]

In This Far-Off Corner of the World

Volume 2, Chapter 30 October 28, 1996 For the morning program, I performed an initiation ceremony and accepted as new disciples Govinda Carana dasa, Rupa Raghunätha dasa, Nilamani dasi, and Syamali Priya dasi. As they came forward for their beads, I marveled at how Lord Caitanya’s movement is spreading here in this far-off corner of [...]

The Importance of Cows and the Holy Name of Vishnu

Volume 2, Chapter 29 October 27, 1996 Today one of my disciples has told me that she is constantly being harassed by ghosts. Before coming to Krsna consciousness, I didn’t believe in ghosts. But through the Vedic literature, we can understand that they do exist. Srila Prabhupada writes: “Ghosts and mischievous hobgoblins are also the [...]