One Of ISKCON’s Finest

The rural community of New Vraja Dhama in Hungary, with 207 devotees and 50 cows, is Sivarama Swami’s offering of love to his spiritual master, Srila Prabhupada. Over two decades of selfless hard work by the Hungarian devotees has produced one of the finest projects in ISKCON. The presiding deities, Radha Syamasundara, are worshipped with [...]

By His Strong Desire

Five thousand devotees came for the installation of Panca Tattva deities on the first day of the Russian Yatra festival in Anapa. After presiding over the festival the deities will be worshipped in the temple in Krasnodar. Their installation is another milestone in the amazing history of the Russian yatra. It has all come about [...]

Twenty-Two Years To The Day

Yesterday devotees in Moscow celebrated the installation of their Gaura Nitai deities exactly twenty-two years ago. I was thinking how pleased Srila Prabhupada must be with them for maintaining a consistent and high standard for over two decades. Because of various factors the devotees have had to move their temple numerous times – but the [...]

Worship in Awe and Reverence

We are not forbidden to worship the Deities but it must not become a casual thing. We have to very careful in the Deity worship, to worship in the proper mood and not to commit offences against the Deities.

Yamuna Devi Deity

Today we are taking the Yamuna deity who was discovered underground at Radha Kunda last year for repair in Jaipur. Yamuna devi is one of the 5 personalities who grants entrance into the transcendental abode of Vrindavan. We beg for her mercy and hope to reestablish her worship to it’s full glory. “Yamunadevi is so [...]

Morning’s Puja

Early morning puja helps to purify the heart so that we may perform our daily services in a mood of pure devotion.

A Prayer to Ones Deity

“O Lord, You kindly appear in deity forms, both nonmoving and moving, of seven kinds: fashioned from stone, metal, clay, wood, sand, jewels and paint. You also appear as the Salagrama-sila. Wherever and however You appear, Your devotees worship You with pure devotion. You establish all these deity forms, which are manifestations of eternity, knowledge [...]

Illuminations on Deity Worship

The darsan of the Deity of the Lord who is worshipped very nicely and dressed with beautiful ornaments is more attractive than anything else in this world.

Benefits of Deity Worship

If the Deity was really stone or marble or wooden statue, then how does the devotee who worships Him become purified and possessed of all the beautiful spiritual qualities?