Eager For Sankirtana

Being in and out of hospitals the last few weeks I have seen alot of people suffering. I am eager to get back on samkirtan and chant the holy names for the benefit of the fallen souls. “If the surface of the globe is overflooded with the chanting of the Hare Krishna mantra, the people [...]

Living Example

It is only the exceptional mercy of Lord Caitanya and His representative, Srila Prabhupada, that we can be all delivered and go back home, back to Godhead.

First Installment of Mercy

Just as the light of the dawn precedes the rising of sun, the mercy of a devotee precedes the mercy of the Lord.

If You Could See

But oh if you could see, the change you’ve made in me, That the angels in the skies, were envious and surprised, That anyone as nice as you, would chance with me. [Rodriguez]

A Glimpse of Krishna Prema

the causeless mercy of the holy name, sometimes even a neophyte devotee can experience deep spiritual emotions in the association of advanced devotees during congregational chanting. This gives us an impetus to go on in our devotional life and achieve love of God.

Blessings in Devotional Life

the association and mercy of devotees we can’t take even one step forward in the process of Krsna consciousness.

Seeking Mercy

On the way out of Vrindavan to Mumbai, I stopped at Radha Kunda for a last drop of mercy before leaving the holy dhama.

Seeking Your Mercy

“In public places I glorify Your mercy, which is granted to even the lowest creature, and which enables me, even though I am lowborn, to live in this forest of Vraja, the place where Your great devotees filled with pure love for You aspire to take birth even as a blade of grass.” [ Srila [...]

Mercy of the Holy Names

We need to hear from the pure unalloyed devotees of the Lord whose hearts are like gold so that we can act as the transparent via medium for the Lord through which the message of Krsna consciousness can pass through loud and clear.

By Your Grace

“As bad as things were before, that’s as good as they became.”