Mangalore’s Tenth!

Today we had the good fortune to attend ISKCON Mangalore’s 10th annual Ratha Yatra parade through the streets of the city. Both the devotees and the public enjoyed it very much. All glories to the Lord of the Universe – Jagannatha Swami!

Meditation On Radhastami

On this auspicious day of Radhastami I long to be in Vraja, celebrating the Queen of Vrindavan’s appearance with all the beloved Vrajavasis. Instead, I find myself on the remote steppes of Mongolia, sharing the message of Lord Caitanya with the people of this isolated country. Despite the many austerities involved in traveling and preaching [...]

Janmastami In The Land Of Mohammed

Ufa is the capital of the Republic of Bashkortostan. The beautiful city, with many old rustic houses, has a population of just over one million people, 90% of whom are Sunni Muslims. Somehow, by the special grace of Lord Caitanya, ISKCON has a temple not far from the center of the city. Because it is [...]

Mercy In Moldova

Thousands of people attended the first day of our festival in Chisinau, Moldova. Held at the prestigious MoldExpo grounds near the center of the city the event attracted people of all ages. Our ‘larger than life’ puppet theaters thrilled both parents and children alike and our Bhagavad Gita play brought forth a resounding applause from [...]

Rainy Days

Attendance was down at this year’s Durban Ratha Yatra because of heavy rain. Nevertheless, thousands braved the wet weather to enjoy 4 days of transcendental festivities. A high point was when national television came and interviewed us. The interviewer, a young lady who dressed in a sari for the occasion, chanted and danced with us [...]

27 Years

Thousands of people turned up for Durban’s 27th Ratha Yatra festival along the beachfront yesterday. The 5-hour parade captured the attention of both locals and tourists as 3 large chariots rumbled through the streets. The festival continues for 3 more days with attractions in an assortment of tents, large and small, not far from the [...]

All In A Day

For Radhastami in Omsk, Siberia we started off with kirtan, katha and abhisekha in the temple. After a big feast we went on harinam samkirtan and took the small Radha Krsna deities for a boat ride up the Irish river. That evening we finished the day with discussion of Srimati Radharani’s transcendental pastimes. All in [...]

Festivals in Krsna consciousness

When we come to festivals and give our heart to the festival, listen with a desire to advance, apply the knowledge the speaker has spoken in our lives, chant from the heart and dance in kirtan we make a quantum leap in our devotional lives.

Like A Lion

On our last day in Russia we participated in Ratha Yatra in Krasnodar. Bada Haridas prabhu, who led kirtan most of the way, was roaring like a lion as he sang the holy names and while dancing in ecstasy gave delight to all the devotees present.

A Most Spectacular Event

Yesterday Russian devotees held their annual Ratha Yatra festival in Moscow. Due to the present political climate in the country, city authorities restricted the event to a small area inside a park. But that did not deter 700 hundred devotees from participating. Afterwards a public program was held in a large auditorium for the public. [...]