Our Vyasa Puja Offering

As a combined offering to Srila Prabhupada on his appearance day all the tour devotees decided to hold yet another public festival for his pleasure. We know that nothing satisfies him more than seeing the sankirtan movement spreading far and wide.

Thanks to all

My thanks to all the devotees who so kindly wrote to inspire me on my birthday. I read each and every message and I am grateful to one and all. I am thankful to Srila Prabhupada for giving me the opportunity to serve him in the association of so many wonderful devotees. I pray to [...]

Moscow Festival

Festivals at the Moscow temple are always big. As the Russian yatra continues to grow we see why Srila Prabhupada was so keen to come here in the early 1970′s. Obviously he saw the potential and by his mercy Krsna consciousness is spreading everywhere in this country.

Please Hear My Fervent Prayer

With kind offerings still coming in, I wanted to refocus and remember my position as the servant of my own guru maharaja. Here’s my favorite Vyasa Puja offering to Srila Prabhupada, which I wrote in 1988: Dearest Srila Prabhupada, This year, in the wake of a disaster that claimed a friend And brought the walls [...]

Growing Younger

I gave the following class specifically for my disciples on the eve of our Vyasa Puja celebrations in Ukraine. I hope other disciples will take the time to hear it.

Your Name Will Be There

Today is the Vyasa Puja celebration of my dear godbrother, Sridhar Maharaja. I poured my heart out to him in an offering which I posted as a diary chapter in my Facebook Notes. It is entitled, “Your Name Will Be There.”

Visit to New Vraja Dham

I am going to New Vraja Dhama, Hungary in time for the midnight arotika of Sri Sri Radha Syamasundara. I’ll spend Saturday with the devotees there glorifying Srila Prabhupada on his Vyasa Puja … and return to Warsaw on Saturday.

daso smi

Many thanks to all my godbrothers, godsisters, friends, well-wishers and disciples for your best wishes on my birthday. It’s impossible to reply to everyone! All I can say is, ‘daso smi’ … I am your servant!

Like never before

The festival in Ukraine was unlike any other with the amazing kirtans of BB Govinda Maharaja, the ecstatic dancing of over 800 devotees and the lecture of Chaturatma prabhu at the initiation ceremony where I accepted 20 new disciples. Now I am in back Warsaw, preparing to leave for Los Angeles tomorrow. I’ll be taking [...]


I am Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine with my godbrothers, BB Govinda Swami and Chaturatma prabhu, along with 1,000 other devotees for a weekend of grand festivities. Bliss!