Harinam Samkirtan

Preaching – The Highest Welfare Activity

Harinam Sankirtan is one of the principle methods for advertising the teachings of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu. It is the highest form of welfare work and must be revived for our own benefit as well as the benefit of the entire world.

Harinama Samkirtan

“I surrender to merciful Śrī Caitanya, astonishing in His activities, who revived the world covered with ignorance and made it mad with the abundant nectar of His prema.” [ Govinda Lilamrta, Chapter One, Text Two ] [ Photo: Harinama samkirtan, Kazan, Tatarstan, June 15, 2014 ]

Meditations on Lord Caitanya

Lord Caitanya Mahāprabhu wanted His followers to move all over the world to preach in every town and village.

Nectar In New Zealand

Bada Haridas and myself are enjoying the association of devotees in Auckland, New Zealand. Yesterday Kalasamvara prabhu showed us around ISKCON’s beautiful New Varsana community in the countryside. In the afternoon we went on harinam in the city with all the devotees. Krsna consciousness is expanding rapidly in the country known as the ‘long white [...]

Kirtan In the Muslim Quarter

Yesterday we took our harinam party into the Muslim quarter of Skopje, Macedonia. A little concerned I asked the samkirtan leader if there was any risk involved. “In our country,” he replied, “the problems are between Muslims and Christians. So far the Muslim community has not shown any hostility towards us.” Whatever apprehension I had [...]

Every Day

Every day we do the same thing; get up, shower, have a morning program and go on samkirtan. It’s been going on like that for 40 years, to be exact. But we never become bored, tired or satiated because it’s devotional service to the Lord and always new and fresh. And it always will be! [...]

Everywhere We Go

Over the past ten days we have crisscrossed Bulgaria spreading the mercy of the holy names everywhere we go. Tonight we have one final program in Sofia. Tomorrow we head south to Macedonia for another adventure in service to Lord Caitanya. O Srila Prabhupada! This samkirtan is our life and soul!

Bliss In Israel

After visiting numerous holy places in Israel we returned to the streets to share our own spiritual tradition with others. As the nectar of Krsna’s sweet holy names permeated the land, people chanted and danced with us in great jubilation! They also enthusiastically accepted the prasadam we distributed and bought Srila Prabhupada’s books as a [...]

Harinama In Haifa

Yesterday we did harinama in Haifa, Israel’s 3rd largest city. Israelis are celebrating their New Year and the beaches are crowded. As we experienced in Tel Aviv people spontaneously came forward to dance with us. I have never experienced this on such a scale in any other country of the world. In one sense it [...]

Kirtan In The Promised Land

Amongst the background of religious traditions existing for thousands of years in Israel devotees of Krsna blissfully propagate the chanting of God’s holy names. People love the kirtan and easily join in. Just another example that kirtan is a universal process that can benefit the entire world.