Merciful Vrinda Devi

A few special shots of our parikrama to Vrinda Kunda this Kartika. May Vrinda Devi bless all who approach her for residence in sacred Sri Vrindavan Dhama.

Vrindavan yatra

I would like to thank all the wonderful devotees who participated in our Kartika parikrama in Vrindavan this past month. For all who participated it was surely one the most enriching spiritual experiences of our lives. We invite many other devotees to join us next year! To reside in Vrindavan, even for a short time, [...]

Baby Radha

The sacred village of Raval has a special flavor to it, for it is where Srimati Radharani displayed Her infant pastimes. The charm and mystic of Raval penetrated our hearts as our parikrama party heard and sang the glories of Radharani in that simple village setting.

By His Grace Alone

Towards the end of Kartika our parikrama party journeyed in wooden boats down the sacred Yamuna river to the famed asrama of Durvasa Muni.There we spent a wonderful day chanting the glories of Srila Prabhupada and recounting his pastimes amongst us. All of us realized that it was by his grace alone we had the [...]

Goodbye Vrindavan!

This morning I went on Govardhan parikrama with BB Govinda Maharaja and a few devotees. I wanted to say goodbye to one of my favorite places in Vrindavan before I leave this weekend. I purposefully left my camera behind, but couldn’t resist to take a few photos with my iPhone in the amazing light that [...]

The Sacred Path To Ter Kadamba

From Yavat, where Radharani lived with Her in-laws, to Ter Kadamba, where Srila Rupa Goswami did bhajan, is one of the most sacred and beautiful walks in Vrindavan. It was our final parikrama in Kartika and we relished every step.

A Most Sacred Place

Our second and final parikrama around Govardhan Hill this Kartika yielded some wonderful photos showing the beauty and sanctity of one of Vrindavan’s most sacred places.

Tears Of Love

The waters of the famous lake, Prema-sarovara, in Vrindavan are the combined tears of Radha and Krsna. Situated in Prema-van, the Forest of Love, the entire area is saturated with an intense spiritual atmosphere that even neophyte devotees can begin to perceive. Without doubt it was one of the favorite places our parikrama party visited [...]

Vrindavan’s Lovely Talavan Forest

Our parikrama party spent a wonderful day in Talavan – one of Vrindavan’s 12 major forests. The scenic beauty of the forest stole our hearts, as did the kirtans led by Bada Haidas prabhu and the katha we spoke about Krsna and Balarama’s pastimes.Talavan is a ‘must-see’ for all devotees who visit Vrindavan!

The Sacred Path

A walk around Vrindavan during Kartika reveals the beauty and sanctity of it’s ancient culture.