Passing Through

Myself and Bada Hari prabhu are passing through Vrindavan for just 2 days. Tomorrow we leave for Orissa. This morning I wandered around town, soaking up the mercy wherever I could. All glories to Sri Vrindavan Dhama!

Laddu Mar Festival

The Laddu Mar festival takes place a day before the famous Holi festival at Varsana. The residents of Varsana have great fun throwing laddu sweets at each other from balconies, rooftops and inside the temples. Unknown to us, they also begin throwing coloured dyes and liquids in preparation for Holi. Thus while attending the Laddu [...]

Vrindavan! O Vrindavan!

The first thing I did today was walk around Vrindavan. It was so nice to see again the people and places that have become familiar to me over the years. Though I often go on parikrama it always feels like the ‘first time,’ due to Vrindavan’s being a transcendental abode. I took along my trusty [...]

Along The Way

Today myself and Sri Prahlada, who is visiting me from Australia, went on a short parikrama of Vrindavan. Along the way we met my parikrama guru, Deena Bandhu prabhu, who we followed to the Radha Gokulananda temple. His love for Vrindavan is contagious!

Following My Doctor’s Orders

My doctor advised me to start exercising by taking short walks. So taking my camera I went with a small group of devotees by taxi to Radha Kunda and walked two times around the sacred lake. It took 30 minutes. By following the doctors orders hopefully my health improved and surely I got unlimited spiritual [...]

A Lament

“He who yearns to attain the sweetness of pure love in Vrindavan, but by destiny is forced to live elsewhere, laments and always remembers Vrindavan with it’s beautiful splendid groves where Radha and Krishna enjoy pastimes. He meditates on entering Vrindavan and thinks, ‘Now I am serving the Divine Couple.’” [ Srila Prabodhananda Sarasvati, Sri [...]

Saying Goodbye

Today I went around Vrindavan to say goodbye to all my friends and everything that inspired me during my 5 week visit here. I paid a special visit to the Samadhi of Srila Raghunatha Bhatta Goswami. I’ll be back in India in two weeks to begin preparations for our second Gujarat festival tour which will [...]

Residing in Vrindavan

To enter into Vrindavana we need to develop an intense desire to serve Radha and Krsna as They desire to be served. We should learn this from the brajavasis beginning with Srila Prabhupada.

So Enchanting!

The deities of Radha-vallabha in downtown Vrindavan are amongst my favorites. Krsna’s dark eyes are so enchanting! Popular amongst the Vraja-vasis, the old temple is not so well known amongst ISKCON devotees. Srimati Radharani is present as Her crown to the left of Vallabha, like at the more famous Radha Raman temple.

The Pride Of Vraja

Radha Raman is everyone’s favorite in Vrindavan, with crowds of people flocking to see Him each evening – for the last 500 years.