Gopisvara Mahadeva

“Each day I worship Gopisvara Mahadeva, who is situated on the bank of Yamuna. That same Gopisvara was worshipped with deep devotion by the gopis, and he quickly fulfilled their desire to attain a supremely precious jewel in the form of the embrace of the son of Nanda Maharaja .” [ Srila Raghunatha das Goswami, [...]

Thrilling To See!

On Vijaya ekadasi we visited Nityananda vat, near Madan Modan temple, on the banks of the Yamuna river. My old friend, Anup Goswami, who is a direct descendent of Lord Nityananda, once again allowed me to chant 16 rounds on the original beads of Srila Jiva Goswami. He also gave us darsan of the jewels [...]

He Who Charms the Heart

As the sun was setting we walked down the parikrama path and just before Kesi Ghat we turned right into the small lanes winding through Vrindavan town to the Radha Raman temple. When we arrived we took darsan of He who charms the heart of every resident in this transcendental abode. The perfect ending to [...]

The Mysteries of Kamyavan

Kamayavan, a two-hour drive from the town of Vrindavan proper, is full of transcendental holy places. Most significantly the Deity of Vrinda devi, worshipped by Srila Rupa Goswami, resides there. Kameswar Mahadeva, one of the 5 principle Siva lingam’s of Vraja

An Ambiance of Antiquity

Radha Kunda is one of the places that has retained an ambiance of antiquity despite all the development and construction around Vrindavan.To convey that special mood I used different filters on my camera lens to capture the mood of “old Vrindavan” at Radha Kunda.

Home Again

I have come back Home, to Vrindavan, after a 3-month break in South India.To absorb the mood of this sacred dhama I went to Surya Kunda yesterday. Surya Kunda is where Srimati Radharani goes each day to worship the Sun God and meet Her beloved, Sri Krsna Candra. I took special interest in the samadhi [...]

Merciful Vrinda Devi

A few special shots of our parikrama to Vrinda Kunda this Kartika. May Vrinda Devi bless all who approach her for residence in sacred Sri Vrindavan Dhama.

Vrindavan yatra

I would like to thank all the wonderful devotees who participated in our Kartika parikrama in Vrindavan this past month. For all who participated it was surely one the most enriching spiritual experiences of our lives. We invite many other devotees to join us next year! To reside in Vrindavan, even for a short time, [...]

Baby Radha

The sacred village of Raval has a special flavor to it, for it is where Srimati Radharani displayed Her infant pastimes. The charm and mystic of Raval penetrated our hearts as our parikrama party heard and sang the glories of Radharani in that simple village setting.

By His Grace Alone

Towards the end of Kartika our parikrama party journeyed in wooden boats down the sacred Yamuna river to the famed asrama of Durvasa Muni.There we spent a wonderful day chanting the glories of Srila Prabhupada and recounting his pastimes amongst us. All of us realized that it was by his grace alone we had the [...]