Downtown Vrindavan

Usually when someone mentions the downtown area of a city it conjures up images of big buildings, traffic jams, bars and discos. But downtown Vrindavan is a different story. The center of Vrindavan is full of ancient temples, deities, sadhus, stores selling devotional paraphernalia and cows and monkeys meandering through the streets. The other day [...]

The Lake Of Love

Yesterday we visited Premavan, the forest of love. Within Premavan is Prema-sarovara, a lake of love made from the combined tears of Radha and Krsna when they experienced intense separation from each other. The scenery there is reminiscent of what Vrindavan must have been like when Krsna was present thousands of years ago. We spent [...]

Especially Potent

Yesterday we visited Pavana-sarovara, a sacred lake near Nandagram. Our program was the same as everyday; hearing and chanting the glories of Lord. Such sravanam and kirtanam seems to be especially potent in the holy dhama. Local tradition says that the results of any spiritual practice done in Vrindavan dhama is magnified a thousand times. [...]


Last night Brahmananda Dasa launched a new book “Swamiji” wherein Steven J. Rosen ( Satyaraja dasa ) recounts Brahmananda prabhu’s service and association with Srila Prabhupada in the early years of the Hare Krishna Movement. While reading and commenting on the book, published by Torchlight Publishing, Inc. Brahmananda prabhu gave rare and valuable insights into [...]

Favorite Destinations

Yavat and Ter Kadamba are favorite desinations for pilgrims visiting Vrindavan. Yavat is where Radharani lived with Her “husband” Abhimanyu. Ter Kadamaba is where Nanda Maharaja had a gosala of cows. It is also one of the places that Srila Rupa Goswami did bhajan. Our parikrama party sat for hours hearing the different pastimes that [...]

Born Again

Two days ago we formally welcomed a number of devotees into our Gaudiya Vaisnava family – Srila Prabhupada’s ISKCON – by accepting them as disciples. The joy of the occasion was evident on the candidates faces and captured most expertly by our Kartika parikrama photographer, Ananta Vrindavan dasa. The ceremony took place near ISKCON’s gosala, [...]

Out Of This World

Yesterday we went to Goluka, in the Vrindavan countryside near the Yamuna river. There we heard the pastimes of Krsna killing the Putana witch and sereral other demons. But mostly we focused on Mother Yasoda binding the Lord with her love. Hearing the Damodar pastime in the very place that it happened had a special [...]

Run To Vrindavan

“O friend, by great good fortune you have attained this body where you have heard Vrndavana’s wonderful glories and learned that everything in this world is like a dream. Don’t, don’t, don’t put any faith in the mind and body. Run to Vrndavana!” [ Srila Prabhodananda Sarasvati, Sataka One, Text 80 ]

Back In Vrindavan!

“Oh my beloved Giriraj, I will take bath in all the holy rivers and bathing places near you. I will quench my thirst by drinking the ambrosial waters adorning your foothills and I will walk eternally in this holy dust of Vraja. I beg you Giriraj, kindly give me birth again and again in this [...]

Passing Through

Myself and Bada Hari prabhu are passing through Vrindavan for just 2 days. Tomorrow we leave for Orissa. This morning I wandered around town, soaking up the mercy wherever I could. All glories to Sri Vrindavan Dhama!