A Morning In Vrindavan

After setting up our 2015 festival tour in Maharashtra, I am back in beloved Vrindavan for a few days before proceeding to Australia. This morning I woke up to the cooing of peacocks, the mooing of cows, temple bells and sadhus chanting. I quickly showered and with camera in hand, set off on Vrindavan parikrama. [...]

Realizations and Memories

The day after our last Kartika parikrama we all assembled at the Radha Gokulananda temple to share our memories and realizations. There was laughter, joy, amazement… and a touch of sadness as well. Sadness with the realization that a month spent in each other’s loving association, hearing the pastimes of the Lord, chanting His glories [...]

Praying All The Way

On the final day of our Kartika parikrama we visited Varsana, the home of Srimati Radharani when she was a young girl. We spent hours traversing the beautiful area, sometimes stopping to have kirtan and katha. All along the way we prayed for service to the Divine Couple.

Pristine Beauty

The pristine beauty of Saubhari Muni’s ashram in the countryside, just on the banks of the Yamuna river, is a perfect replica of what all of Vrindavan must have looked like hundreds, or even thousands, of years ago. We relished hearing and chanting in the sanctified atmosphere of that holy place realizing that our Kartika [...]

The Sun God In Vraja

The other day we visited Surya-kunda, where the Sun God performed austerities to see and serve Lord Krsna. His wish was fulfilled when Srimate Radharani asked him to warm the Lord’s transcendental body with his rays after Krsna came out of the water from battling the Kaliya serpent. Surya kund is also a place where [...]

Downtown Vrindavan

Usually when someone mentions the downtown area of a city it conjures up images of big buildings, traffic jams, bars and discos. But downtown Vrindavan is a different story. The center of Vrindavan is full of ancient temples, deities, sadhus, stores selling devotional paraphernalia and cows and monkeys meandering through the streets. The other day [...]

The Lake Of Love

Yesterday we visited Premavan, the forest of love. Within Premavan is Prema-sarovara, a lake of love made from the combined tears of Radha and Krsna when they experienced intense separation from each other. The scenery there is reminiscent of what Vrindavan must have been like when Krsna was present thousands of years ago. We spent [...]

Especially Potent

Yesterday we visited Pavana-sarovara, a sacred lake near Nandagram. Our program was the same as everyday; hearing and chanting the glories of Lord. Such sravanam and kirtanam seems to be especially potent in the holy dhama. Local tradition says that the results of any spiritual practice done in Vrindavan dhama is magnified a thousand times. [...]


Last night Brahmananda Dasa launched a new book “Swamiji” wherein Steven J. Rosen ( Satyaraja dasa ) recounts Brahmananda prabhu’s service and association with Srila Prabhupada in the early years of the Hare Krishna Movement. While reading and commenting on the book, published by Torchlight Publishing, Inc. Brahmananda prabhu gave rare and valuable insights into [...]

Favorite Destinations

Yavat and Ter Kadamba are favorite desinations for pilgrims visiting Vrindavan. Yavat is where Radharani lived with Her “husband” Abhimanyu. Ter Kadamaba is where Nanda Maharaja had a gosala of cows. It is also one of the places that Srila Rupa Goswami did bhajan. Our parikrama party sat for hours hearing the different pastimes that [...]