Love of God

A Glimpse of Krishna Prema

the causeless mercy of the holy name, sometimes even a neophyte devotee can experience deep spiritual emotions in the association of advanced devotees during congregational chanting. This gives us an impetus to go on in our devotional life and achieve love of God.

Our Srila Prabhupada

“To those who experience a delightful festival within their hearts and who cause a delightful festival in the hearts of the residents of this world; to those who, after the disappearance of Lord Krishna, have accepted a material human body for the complete deliverance of the general population on earth; to those whose lotus feet [...]

Reconnect with God

We are completely dependent on God. But at the present moment, we are ignorant of it, to greater or lesser degree. To greater degree, if you are a demigod, and to lesser degree, if you are an insignificant insect.

Real Questions of Life

If you strike that balance between accepting what is necessary for keeping body and soul together and use greater balance of your time for self-realization, there is a good chance that when you leave this body, you have no attachments for this world and all your attachments have gone to God.

Exchanges of Pure Love

We need to hear from the pure unalloyed devotees of the Lord whose hearts are like gold so that we can act as the transparent via medium for the Lord through which the message of Krsna consciousness can pass through loud and clear.

Sri Radha Kunda

Today our parikrama party grew to 70 devotees. We took buses to Radha Kunda and slowly circumambulated the sacred kunda. Although I have been to Radha Kunda many times, each visit seems to be like the “first time.” “Of the many objects of favored delight and of all the lovable damsels of Vrajabhumi, Srimati Radharani [...]

Love in Krishna Consciousness

By beholding the beautiful form of the Deities our attraction to matter slowly diminish. And it has to diminish if we actually want to love God. We have to fall out of love with the material world and fall into love with Krishna.

Thousands Upon Thousands

Daily thousands upon thousands of devotees are glorifying His Divine Grace, Srila Prabhupada, here at the Bhakti Sangam festival in Ukraine. By his mercy only we are gathered together for this great event.

In Public Places

“In public places I glorify Your mercy, which is granted to even the lowest creatures, and which enables me, even though I am lowborn, to live in this forest of Vraja, the place where Your great devotees filled with pure love aspire to take birth even as a blade of grass.” [ Srila Rupa Goswami, [...]

My Dear Master!

“O spiritual master, O bestower of divine wisdom, O friend of the fallen, you are the giver of your own bliss and you are the only ocean of mercy. Although dwelling in Vrindavan, you have descended for the welfare of fallen souls like myself and you are preaching the divine love of Radha for Krishna. [...]