On The Road

Lord Varaha

“If anyone thinks of Me, when in sound mind and body, as the very cause and all pervading personality of this universe and as one without birth, then I assure you that I will remember this devotee of Mine when upon his deathbed, lying helplessly like a stone or a log of wood. I will [...]

The Mantra!

“O Gurudeva! What mantra have you given me? What powers does it possess? As I chant this mantra, I feel that it is turning me into a madman.” [ Sri Caitanya Caritamrta, Adi-llia.7.81 ]

How could I ever leave his service!

“My dear Lord. O Supreme Personality of Godhead, because of my association with material desires, one after another, I was gradually falling into a blind well full of snakes, following the general populace. But your servant Narada Muni kindly accepted me as his disciple and instructed me how to achieve this transcendental position. Therefore, my [...]

Our Lord

“Here our Lord herded the calves, and here He played the flute. I pray that I may pass my days shedding tears as I speak these words on the Yamuna’s shore.” [Sri Raghupati Upadhyaya, from Rupa Goswami's Padyavali ].

Srila Prabhupada – horoscope

“In my horoscope there was written there, ‘After seventieth year this man will go outside India and establish so many temples.’ I could not understand. ‘What is this, that I have to go outside India? That is not…’ And Guru Maharaja foretold. He told my Godbrothers, Sridhara Maharaja and other that, ‘He’ll do the needful [...]

Separation from Spiritual Master

“Please accept my blessings. I am just in receipt of your letter forwarded from New York. Please be happy in separation. I am separated from my Guru Maharaja since 1936 but I am always with him so long I work according to his direction. So we should all work together for satisfying Lord Krishna and [...]

By Serving You Constantly

“By serving you constantly, one is freed from all material desires and becomes completely pacified. When will I become your permanent, eternal servant and always feel joy to have such a fitting master?” Yamunacarya, Stotraratna, text 43

Srimati Radharani

“Is it a new moon or Her brilliant form? Is it a golden lotus or Her brilliant face? Are these Her two eyes or are they two cakora birds? Is this Her glance or is it a wave of nectar?” Such questions cannot be asked about Sri Radha. Her beauty exceeds that of any beautiful [...]

Impelled To Dance

“I offer my obeisances unto the shoes of those devotees who are expert in extricating those sunk in the rotten muck in the bottom of the ocean of material existence, and who become blissful by hearing the pair of syllables, ‘Krsna’, impelled to dance with all their hairs bristling.” [ A verse by an Utkala [...]

A Lament

“The fortunate town of Navadvipa remains on the earth. The seashore remains. The city of Jagannatha Puri remains. The holy names of Krsna remain. But Alas! Alas! I do not see anywhere the same kind of festivals of pure love for Lord Hari. O Lord Caitanya, O ocean of mercy, will I ever see your [...]