On The Road

Lord Of My Life

Each day I worship Lord Nrsimhadeva for protection in spreading the glories of the holy names far and wide, as well as for removing all obstacles on the path of pure devotion to the divine couple, Sri Sri Radha and Krsna.

Sri Viraha Astakam

Srila Prabhupada, I discovered my heart’s true aspiration in your glorification of your own spiritual master, Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saravati, in 1959. Please may your words become one with my heart. May I forever be an instrument in carrying out your will. “The jivas have reshackled themselves with the heavy chains of ignorance and delusion, and [...]

O Govinda!

“In the early hours of the morning, we have come to worship You and praise Your golden, lotus-like feet. Born are we in the cowherd caste. You should not decline our service and homage. O Govinda! Not only today do we seek the drum, but for ever more, seven times seven births, that we would [...]

Lord Gauranga

“Gauranga is decorated with infinite qualities. He is the protector and deliverer of even the denizens of heaven. Having destroyed the guilt of the fourteen worlds, He exhibits a bodily luster similar to Sri Radhika. He is the ācārya of the special type of musical rāga named Gandhara. He defeats the gait of a huge [...]

Everywhere Was Ecstasy

All throughout the Woodstock festival Krsna’s Village of Peace was teeming with tens of thousands of people exploring all we had to offer: kirtan, dramas, books, yoga, shops, exhibits and a tent where they could inquire from senior devotees. Our Ratha Yatra Cart traversed the entire Woodstock site numerous times each day. Colourfully dressed, devotees [...]

Woodstock Ratha Yatra

For 4 days in a row we take Lord Jagannatha on His Rath Cart through the massive crowds at Woodstock. Not only are people eager to pull the ropes, but they spontaneously jump into the kirtan and chant and dance with us in great ecstasy. Often they outnumber the devotees. Judging from their blissful faces [...]

In Full Swing

Preparing prasadam for close to 150,000 people at Woodstock is no small endeavour. But it’s all worth it! The kids love our food. And today they loved our stage show too. Woodstock is in full swing!

Warming Up

Two hundred thousand young people have already arrived for the Woodstock Festival, which begins in two days. Taking advantage of the big crowd we went on harinama with 250 devotees. A number of them distributed invitations to our Krsna’s Village of Peace. Many people danced with us in ecstasy, relishing the sweet nectar of Krsna’s [...]

The Troops Arrive

Today our ranks swelled to 730 devotees as buses arrived from all over Europe. We held an istagosti where the many services connected to our preaching work at Woodstock were divided up. It’s an exciting time as we begin one of ISKCON’s biggest and most influential festival programs. But as great as it all is, [...]

The Build Up

The great Polish Woodstock Festival is still days away but the entire area is quickly filling up with young people and tents. Our good friend, Chaturatma das, also arrived today. As we walked around the festival grounds we were greeted everywhere with “Hare Krishna!” and a number of warm hugs. Woodstock!