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72 hours in Zagreb, Croatia

Our short stay in Zagreb was packed with a variety of programs; classes in the local temple, harinams, a newpaper interview, darsans and a big public program entilted, “Yoga Is Music.” Next stop on the Vaikunatha express: Hungary.

Sacred Grounds

Before leaving Moscow yesterday we stopped near Red Square and the famous St. Basil’s Cathedral. I make it a point to visit there whenever I can. For me it is a place of pilgrimage because my spiritual master’s lotus feet graced those grounds on his one and

Beautiful Moldova

Moldova is a beautiful landlocked country with 3.5 million people in Eastern Europe. It is boardered by Romania and Ukraine. ISKCON has two temples there with 300 active devotees. During my visit I participated in several television shows, numerous newspaper interviews, 2 very large public programs, harinams and a meeting with a number of distinquished [...]

A Full Day Of Preaching

Concluding a full day of preaching here in Moldova, I met with a group of 40 distinguished scholars, professors, politicians, writers and poets in the evening. They asked many deep philosophical and spiritual questions and each one of them said they were more than satisfied by the answers. The proof came at the end of [...]

Only 500,000

This afternoon I was interviewed on Moldavian TV 1, the nation’s main television station. I was asked to explain how an ancient spiritual tradition, like Krsna consciousness, can be practiced in modern society.The interviewer also asked me to explain the qualities of

Morning Class to 2.5 Million People

This morning I was the special guest on one of Moldova’s most popular morning television talk shows. Jurnal TV interviewed me for 15 minutes with an estimated audience of over 2.5 million people. In my short talk I stressed the importance of spiritual life and how


Srila Prabhupada once told Govinda dasi that formerly in Vedic times the land of Russia was known as ‘Rishiya’ – the land of the rishis. The area of Russia was populated by many yogis and sadhus who went to the mountains of the Himalayas and beyond to perform penances and austerities in the frozen terrain, [...]

By His Strong Desire

Five thousand devotees came for the installation of Panca Tattva deities on the first day of the Russian Yatra festival in Anapa. After presiding over the festival the deities will be worshipped in the temple in Krasnodar. Their installation is another milestone in the amazing history of the Russian yatra. It has all come about [...]

All In A Day

For Radhastami in Omsk, Siberia we started off with kirtan, katha and abhisekha in the temple. After a big feast we went on harinam samkirtan and took the small Radha Krsna deities for a boat ride up the Irish river. That evening we finished the day with discussion of Srimati Radharani’s transcendental pastimes. All in [...]

The Final Bow

We took our final bow of the season last night after 48 festivals along the Baltic Sea coast. Devotees held back their tears as they performed our 5 hours stage show for the final time. Many people in the large crowd cried being touched by the devotional bhajans, theatrical performances and Krsna conscious atmosphere the [...]