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4 More Sleeps

Four days until Woodstock. One million people, 700 devotees, Krsna’s Village of Peace, 200,000 plates of prasadam, 5 massive Ratha Yatras, Mantra Yoga Tent, book distribution, Questions and Answers tent, Gopi Dots and on and on. We are ready. Looking to the sky above for mercy to do it all ….

Waking Up

The sleepy town of Kostrzyn is waking up with Woodstock just around the corner. So far only workers and artisans have arrived to set up the massive festival – still one week away – but colorful posters announcing the event decorate the town on every street corner. Krsna’s Village of Peace is also slowly taking [...]

Public Opinion

If public opinion were to gage the popularity of our festivals I’d like to think we’d get, “ten out ten.” Both on the streets when we do harinama and at the festivals, people show their appreciation with great enthusiasm. What more could a devotee ask for? “Incessantly they discuss the narrations of Sri Krsna ‘s [...]

Another Victory

Yesterday we held a wedding at our festival in the port town of Mrzezyno. With the Baltic Sea as a backdrop, Stanislav and Zlata from Moldova took their vows in a colorful ceremony attended by over 3,000 people. Srila Prabhupada writes in the Caitanya Caritamrta: “A devotee is always thinking of how to better serve [...]

On The Shore Of The Ocean Of Love

“O friend of the world! O Ocean of love! The populace has become full of deceit and bereft of knowledge. O my master! Kindly give them shelter at Your lotus feet, for the holy name, uplifter of the fallen, has become manifest from You.” [ Sarvabhauma Bhattacarya, Susloka Satakam, verse 21 ]

Sweet Revenge

The storm in Pobierowo the day before had stolen our usual crowd. Only a few hundred people had showed up for the festival. But yesterday the prayers of the devotees kept the dark clouds above from unleashing their torrents of rain and thousands of people came to our event. Sweet revenge from the fury of [...]

Raincoats And Umbrellas

One hundred kilometers from our festival in Pobierowo a storm had torn roofs off of houses, knocked down trees and utility poles and left a trail of destruction. Somewhat weakened by the time it reached us, it nevertheless caused serious problems. Two of our tents were severally damaged by wind and a deluge of water [...]

The Lighthouse

The lighthouse in Niechorze, Poland on the Baltic Sea guided sailors safely to shore for centuries. Now Lord Caitanya’s samkirtan movement, in the form of our transcendental festival, is helping people to cross over the vast ocean of material existence. The two days we spent with our program next to the lighthouse attracted thousands and [...]

Rightly Said

A great flood of mercy inundated the town of Rewal, Poland yesterday as our samkirtan party descended in all its glory upon the town’s beaches. Chanting and dancing in great ecstasy we distributed thousands of invitations to our festival that evening. Upon receiving an invitation one gentleman smiled and rightly said, “By the appearance of [...]

Auspicious Beginning

This year we began our 28th annual summer festival tour in the town of Dzwirzyno, Poland on the Baltic Sea coast. It began auspiciously with numerous people approaching the harinam party thanking us for bringing the festival to the town again. The festival crowd was big, as always, and they thoroughly enjoyed our new stage [...]