Photo Albums

Purchase That Place

Yesterday, upon my return to India, I had the good fortune to visit a somewhat unknown, but historically significant, place of worship for followers of Srila Prabhupada and ISKCON. Tucked away in a small corner of Chandni Chowk, the oldest and busiest market in New Delhi, is the temple of Radha Vallabha, where Srila Prabhupada [...]

Stopping By

This evening I am returning to India to attend to some urgent business connected to our upcoming 6-week festival tour there beginning in January. On the way I stopped by our ISKCON temple in Denpasar to get blessings from the deities for a safe journey and a swift return to Bali next week.

Bliss In Bali

On our way to Australia and then Hong Kong, Bada Haridas and myself have stopped off in Bali, Indonesia for a short break. But we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go on harinam with the local devotees and yesterday joined them for a massive 3-hour kirtan along one of the beautiful beaches than adorn [...]

Quiet Goodbye

This morning I went to Radha Kunda to offer my respects and say goodbye, for now, to Sri Vrindavan Dhama. It was a wonderful and most memorable Kartika being in the association of 350 blissful devotees visiting so many holy places in this sacred dhama. It’s going to be difficult to leave tomorrow. I will [...]

Realizations and Memories

The day after our last Kartika parikrama we all assembled at the Radha Gokulananda temple to share our memories and realizations. There was laughter, joy, amazement… and a touch of sadness as well. Sadness with the realization that a month spent in each other’s loving association, hearing the pastimes of the Lord, chanting His glories [...]

Praying All The Way

On the final day of our Kartika parikrama we visited Varsana, the home of Srimati Radharani when she was a young girl. We spent hours traversing the beautiful area, sometimes stopping to have kirtan and katha. All along the way we prayed for service to the Divine Couple.

One More Time Around

As the auspicious month of Kartika drew to a close, our parikrama party choose to circumambulate sacred Govardhan Hill one more time. We knew well that Giriraja is very merciful to those who pray for eternal residence in Sri Vrindavan dhama.

Pristine Beauty

The pristine beauty of Saubhari Muni’s ashram in the countryside, just on the banks of the Yamuna river, is a perfect replica of what all of Vrindavan must have looked like hundreds, or even thousands, of years ago. We relished hearing and chanting in the sanctified atmosphere of that holy place realizing that our Kartika [...]

Jaipur, ‘The City Of Victory’ – Part 3

The final album of our parikrama to Jaipur takes us to various spots throughout the city; the famous Amber Palace on a mountain overlooking the city, to Kanak Vrindavan where Radha Madhava, the original deities of Jayadeva Goswami, are worshipped and to a house program at a devotee’s home. Everywhere we continued kirtan and katha [...]

Most Auspicious

One afternnon while in Jaipur we held an initiation for two young Ukrainian girls; Taralaksi dasi and Madhavi-lata dasi. The auspicious ceremony was made even more auspicious by the fact that it was held in the temple of Radha Gopinatha. Certainly an occasion the young ladies will never forget.