Photo Albums

Sweet Memories

Just before leaving India a few weeks ago we recorded a promotional video of our theater, Usa and Aniruddha, in a proffesional studio in Mumbai.The filming took an entire day. Once the video is edited and completed we will use it to promote our show in other countries. While filming was going on, I took [...]

No Ordinary People

As I was getting into my taxi to leave Vrindavan today literally hundreds of thousands of people were on the parikrama marg, circumambulating the holy town. The crowds were so big that my taxi couldn’t move an inch. So I got out of the car and began taking photographs of all the beautiful people passing [...]

Forever Indebted

Tomorrow I am leaving Vrindavan. I have been fortunate to have spent much of the past 5 months in this transcendental abode. Today I went out to Radha Kunda to offer prayers of gratitude and ask blessings for my forthcoming preaching in the west. I also requested mercy to be able to return to Vrindavan [...]

A Most Fitting Ending

Nashik was the abode of Lord Rama during His 14 years in exile and one of the most popular places of pilgrimage in present day India. The beautiful Pancavati forest once covered the entire area. Nashik is located on the banks of the sacred Godavari river and is one of 4 cities where the famous [...]

A Most Sacred Place

The famous temple of Trimbakeshwar is situated 25 kilometers from the city of Nashik, in the state Maharashtra. Inside the ancient temple is one of the 12 famous Jyotirlingas, self manifested deities of Lord Siva, found in India. It has been a place of pilgrimage since time immemorial. The Pandavas stayed there for sometime during [...]

Mumbai Old And New

Our 6 week festival tour in the Mumbai area is finally coming to a conclusion. Yesterday, while doing some errands, I took photos of life in the city, comparing old India with that of the new.

In The Midst Of It All

Yesterday I went to a rough part of Mumbai to pick up a puja plate I had repaired in an old junk shop. Several ethnic groups live side by side in a tense neighborhood surrounded by poverty and filth. To my surprise I found Lord Jagannatha and Lord Balarama sitting in the midst of it [...]

Simply Amazed

The Radha Vrindavan Chandra Temple in Pune, India is situated on 6 acres of land just minutes from the center of the city. They have a congregation of over 2,000 members. 200 brahmacaris live permanently in the temple and construction is going on to eventually accommodate 100 families on the property. There is also a [...]

Simple Living, High Thinking

Govardhan Eco Village, situated in the Sahyadri mountains near Mumbai, is a model ISKCON farming community and retreat center. Yesterday my festival team and I took a break from our preaching and visited the community. We were treated to a 4-hour tour of the 75 acres, which include a beautiful temple, a gurukula, a center [...]

Gurukula In Mayapur

Before leaving Sridham Mayapura I visited the Bhaktivedanta Academy, one of several schools in our ISKCON community there. It functions as a traditional Vedic gurukula with education for both boys and girls. The day I visited the boy’s school they were receiving one of their teacher’s, Bhaktividya Purna Maharaja, who was returning from a trip [...]