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Where Natural Enemies Are Friends

The other day we drove many hours through a jungle area to vist Sringeri, the site of the first matha established by Sankaracarya, who propagated Mayavada ( impersonalist ) philosophy in the 8th century. Sringeri is located on the banks of the Tunga river and has an historical temple that is over 1200 years old. [...]

Mantras and Yantras from Bygone Ages

Mesmerized by the old houses of the brahmans we visited outside of Udupi the other day, we returned to learn more. In one home we were fascinated to find Vedic mantras, in the form of colorful yantras, painted on walls throughout the house. The beautiful designs, with their ancient inscriptions, brought prosperity, protection and blessings [...]

Old India

Yesterday we visited several ancient temples near Udupi. We also took the opportunity to visit centuries old houses of Brahmans who serve in such temples. We were amazed by many of the artifacts and paintings we saw in those homes.


One of the beautiful features of India is that there are ancient temples of the Lord everywhere throughout the country. Nearby where we are staying in the south is an old temple where Lord Nrsimhadeva is worshipped. The other day we visited the temple to have the Lord’s darsan and pray to Him. One time [...]

Mangalore’s Tenth!

Today we had the good fortune to attend ISKCON Mangalore’s 10th annual Ratha Yatra parade through the streets of the city. Both the devotees and the public enjoyed it very much. All glories to the Lord of the Universe – Jagannatha Swami!

An Ancient Siva Temple

The other day myself and Badahari prabhu visited an ancient Siva temple in Koteswara, Karnataka. The temple was very clean and well organized. The brahmana priests were friendly and curious at to how we, as westerners, had adopted Vedic culture. We felt very much at home there and spent several hours observing how nicely the [...]

Most Inspired!

The holy town of Udupi lies on the Arabian Sea in the South Indian state of Karnataka. The town is famous as a place of pilgrimage because of the temple Sri Krishna Matha. This temple was founded by Srila Madhvacharya (A.D. 1238 -1317), one of the greatest saints, philosophers, and religious reformers of India. Udupi [...]

Merciful Vrinda Devi

A few special shots of our parikrama to Vrinda Kunda this Kartika. May Vrinda Devi bless all who approach her for residence in sacred Sri Vrindavan Dhama.

Baby Radha

The sacred village of Raval has a special flavor to it, for it is where Srimati Radharani displayed Her infant pastimes. The charm and mystic of Raval penetrated our hearts as our parikrama party heard and sang the glories of Radharani in that simple village setting.

By His Grace Alone

Towards the end of Kartika our parikrama party journeyed in wooden boats down the sacred Yamuna river to the famed asrama of Durvasa Muni.There we spent a wonderful day chanting the glories of Srila Prabhupada and recounting his pastimes amongst us. All of us realized that it was by his grace alone we had the [...]