Sweet Kirtan in Kazakhstan

We are spending a week with BB Govinda Maharaja at his Sri Vrindavan Dhama community just outside of Almaty, Kazakhstan. Springtime has revealed the natural beauty of the property and Maharaja’s sweet kirtans bring out the spiritual beauty of the Kazakhstan devotees!

A Visit To Qufu – The Hometown Of Confucius

The other day we took a 3-hour ‘Bullet Train’ to Qufu, the hometown of Confucius, the famous Chinese philosopher and teacher. We stayed at the Confucius Institute, a small university where students study and practice the teachings of Confucius. During two days we gave a seminar comparing Vedic teachings with those of Confucius. At the [...]

Historic Times

It was an action packed weekend as the Beijing devotees opened their new temple, we did an initiation ceremony and then held kirtan at the famous Great Wall of China. Historic times for Krsna consciousness in the Land of the Great Red Dragon. Srila Prabhupada, we are your servants. We will go anywhere in the [...]

Zen Master’s Home

Last night we entertained the elite of Beijing in the home of a famous Zen Master. Charmed by our philosophy, our talented musicians and the holy names people were swept off their feet and chanted and danced in great happiness in the courtyard of that prestigious residence.

Fast Friends

Yesterday we visited the famous Llama Temple in downtown Beijing. While there we met with several of the resident Buddhist monks and discussed philosophy and the similarities of our lifestyles. Later, the senior monk saw me praying to Lord Buddha at the main alter and inquired why I was doing so. I explained that we [...]

The Forbidden City

With the hope of introducing my festival program in modern day communist China we spent yesterday morning learning about the country by visiting the capitol, Beijing. In the afternoon we toured the famous “Forbidden City” in central Beijing. Constructed from 1406 to 1420 the Forbidden City was the Chinese imperial palace that served as the [...]

Into the Mouth of The Red Dragon

This afternoon myself and a team of 14 devotees arrived in Beijing, China. We were greeted at the airport by a small contingent of devotees who drove us to a facility outside the city which will act as our base for 18 days. The devotees have arranged for us to meet many important Chinese dignitaries [...]

My Promise To You

Many years ago, H. H. Tamal Krsna Goswami asked me to accompany him to China, where he had been pioneering Krsna consciousness for some years. I was unable to go at the time so he said, “Promise me you’ll make it there one day.” I agreed. Goswami, this evening I am flying to mainland China [...]

Tight Knit Group

Our last stop in New Zealand was Christchurch in the south island. Still recovering from a major earthquake 5 years ago construction is going on everywhere in the city. Our temple, which was destroyed in the earthquake, is being rebuilt now as well. Our devotees have become a tight knit group as a result of [...]

Kiwi Land

The town of Varsana in Vrindavan is where Srimati Radharani lived with her family 5,000 years ago. New Varsana is where Her aspiring devotees live in beautiful New Zealand. The large community of devotees work harmoniously together in a loving spirit of devotion. Their reception for us yesterday touched our hearts as we sang and [...]