The Eye Of The Artist

We are indebted to Ananta Vrindavan dasa for his amazing photography and excellent videos covering our travels here in Mongolia this past month. As our adventure winds down and we start heading back to the capital, Ulaan Bataar, we share a few more of his photos taken this last week on the road.

Arduous Journey

After an arduous journey of 16 hours in jeeps through difficult desert and mountainous terrain we arrived safely in Uliastai, Mongolia at 3:00 a.m. in the morning. The following is my schedule for the day: 11:00: Visit the main Buddhist temple in Uliastai and meet with the famous monk, Dashdorj. 13:00 Climb the large hill [...]

The Remote Areas

As we go deeper into the remote areas of Mongolia with our preaching party we are treated to some of the most stunning nature on this planet. In all my travels I have never seen anything like it. And no less beautiful are the people who flock to our programs to hear the message of [...]

Stockpiling Supplies

We took a break from our traveling around Mongolia and spent 5 days in the capital Ulaanbaatar having programs in our small center in the city. We also used the time to rest and stockpile supplies for our next journey which begins tomorrow – a 3,500 kilometer journey in 3 jeeps to the most remote [...]

Taking Root

Two days ago we did a public program in a hall in Ulaanbaatar and then an initiation in a traditional “yurta” in a forest outside the city. Krsna consciousness is slowly taking root in Mongolia.

A Great Adventure

Two days ago we ventured 500 kilometers from the capital of Mongolia to Erdenet. The 9-hour drive on rough roads took us through some of the most breath taking scenery in the country. We are visiting all these towns and villages for the first time. Previously our movement didn’t have permission to do harinam and [...]

A Rain Of Mercy In The Gobi Desert

Yesterday was an historic day in the Mongolian yatra. We performed harinam samkirtan for the first time in the country since 1992. In the early morning, when the Gobi desert sun was still tolerable, we took to the streets of Sainshand, a town of 23,000 people, with mrdungas, kartalas and the sweet chanting of Krsna’s [...]

An Historic Occasion

During our trip to Kharkhorin, the old capital of Mongolia, we visited the ancient Buddhist monastery of Erdene Zuu. After discussing spiritual matters with the monks there for sometime, they asked us to have kirtan. I believe it was one of the best kirtans Bada Haridas prabhu ever led. Before leaving we gave the head [...]

Gaining Their Sympathy

“Maharaja, if you wear the traditonal clothes of Mongolia for your first few days in our country you will gain the sympathy of our government who granted you a special visa,” said the temple president of Ulaanbaatar. “The people will also appreciate,” he continued, “and be inclined to hear the message you have brought.”

Land Of The Blue Sky

Our long awaited dream to visit Mongolia came true today. As our plane circled the airport waiting to land at Ulaanbaatar I was surprised to see that the barren brown landscape, which stretched as far as the eye could see, did not contain a single tree. I also noticed all roads leading out of the [...]