Polish tour

Weeping In Separation

The final days of our summer festival tour on the Baltic Sea coast in Poland were bittersweet. While tasting the nectar of sharing our good fortune with others, we knew it would only last a few days more. Now the drums, accordians and kartalas have gone silent. The loud chanting of Krsna’s sweet holy names [...]

Lord Of My Life

Each day I worship Lord Nrsimhadeva for protection in spreading the glories of the holy names far and wide, as well as for removing all obstacles on the path of pure devotion to the divine couple, Sri Sri Radha and Krsna.

Prasadam – Krsna’s Special Mercy

One time Srila Prabhupada described prasadam as Lord Caitanya’s ‘secret weapon.’ When properly cooked with love and devotion, prasadam has an amazing ability to purify the heart and awaken love for Krsna. On our festival tour in Poland this summer we focused on preparing first-class foodstuffs for our guests who purchased them from our restaurant [...]

Come Dance With Us

Lord Caitanya’s samkirtan movement is so attractive that if presented nicely people cannot help but chant and dance with us. We are experiencing this daily along the Baltic Sea coast in Poland, where just like the spiritual world, every word is a song, every step is a dance and there is a festival every day.

Seeking Blessings

The devotees in these photos have happily logged in over 120 hours of harinam this summer. Our legs are getting a little wobbly now, so please everyone pray we can continue for another two weeks delivering the sweet sound of Krsna’s holy names to all those who cross our path. “As the rising sun immediately [...]

Facts and Figures

Today is our 40th harinam of the summer. With two weeks still to go, we have distributed 280,000 invitations to our 35 festivals. Not including the great Woodstock Festival, more than 150,000 people have attended our events. Throughout the summer several thousand books have been sold and prasadam has been distributed like a river flowing [...]

So Happy To See You

As we stepped onto the beach for harinam yesterday a gentleman approached me and said, “We’re all so happy to see you.” In my mind I offered his words to Srila Prabhupada and prayed that I could continue with this service for many lifetimes to come.

Never Ending

After a two-day break upon returning from the Woodstock Festival we’re back on the Baltic Sea coast for one more month of harinam and festival programs. It seems like it never ends … and I pray it never will.

Lingering Memories

Woodstock is over. But we can’t stop thinking about all the nectar. Oh Lord Caitanya!

Everywhere Was Ecstasy

All throughout the Woodstock festival Krsna’s Village of Peace was teeming with tens of thousands of people exploring all we had to offer: kirtan, dramas, books, yoga, shops, exhibits and a tent where they could inquire from senior devotees. Our Ratha Yatra Cart traversed the entire Woodstock site numerous times each day. Colourfully dressed, devotees [...]