Woodstock festival

800,000 Strong

Polish Woodstock came and went so quickly! The organisers say 800,000 people attended. We chanted, danced and distributed prasadam ( 126,000 full plates ) until we could no longer stand on our two feet. Kirtans went on until 4 am each morning in a tent filled continously with hundreds and hundreds of people. Many thanks [...]

Opening Day Woodstock

Opening day at Polish Woodstock saw our Ratha Yatra parade move majestically through the massive crowds and our Krsna’s Village of Peace packed to the maximum with young people relishing prasadam, kirtan and spiritual discourses. Srila Prabhupada, we offer all these results at your lotus feet!

700,000 People

The day before Polish Woodstock we had Ratha Yatra through the center of the field where 700,000 people are slowly setting up camp. Afterwards people flowed towards our Krsna’s Village of Peace to enjoy kirtan, prasada and a variety of events. Madhumangala das entertained 8 thousand people in our large tent with his band. Kirtan [...]

Only The Beginning

Two days before Woodstock officially opened 20 thousand young people had already arrived and set up their tents. We took full advantage and went on harinam with 500 devotees and invitations to Krsna’s Village of Peace. Though we ourselves were still putting the finishing touches to our village we managed to have kirtan in our [...]

Preparing the Yajna

Krsna’s devotees are preparing for one of ISKCON’s biggest yajna’s in it’s history: Krsna’s Village of Peace at the 20th annual Woodstock Festival in Poland. Over 700,000 people are expected. 700 devotees from 14 different countries are arriving and helping to set up Krsna’s Village. We plan endless kirtans, spiritual discourses, daily Ratha Yatras through [...]

Woodstock Final

The final days of the Polish Woodstock were successful beyond our wildest imagination. One hundred and fifty thousand plates of prasadam distributed, four Ratha Yatra parades, hundreds of books sold, countless hours of kirtan with an endless stream of youth in the Mantra Yoga tent and many new friendships forged with the tens of thousands [...]

Full On

The police estimated 500,000 people came to Woodstock. No doubt every single one of them came in contact with Krsna consciousness either by hearing the holy names, dancing with us, taking prasadam, visiting our village … or just seeing blissfull devotees everywhere!

Diving In

As Woodstock began it was as if we dove into a ocean of bliss; Ratha Yatra, harinama, prasad distribution and thousands upon thousands of people coming to our village.

Testing The Field

Yesterday we went out with harinam to greet the first wave of people coming to Woodstock. If the reception we got is any indication of what’s ahead there’s going to be a lot of nectar flowing the next few days!

Woodstock: Preparing For Battle

“Hearing the Vaisnavas loudly chanting Lord Hari’s holy names in sankirtana, the people think a host of roaring lions have come to Navadvipa. “The great maharathi warrior Lord Gauracandra and the great sarathi warriors Lord Nityananda and Lord Advaita now charge into battle. Throwing the noose of ecstatic spiritual love, They capture many enemy soldiers [...]