Transcendental Message

The Remote Areas

As we go deeper into the remote areas of Mongolia with our preaching party we are treated to some of the most stunning nature on this planet. In all my travels I have never seen anything like it. And no less beautiful are the people who flock to our programs to hear the message of [...]

Addressing Leaders in Zululand

Yesterday’s function at King Goodwill’s palace in Zululand went well. The program was organized to promote peace and harmony in South Africa. A number of prominent political and religious leaders attended and addressed the audiance of several thousand people. Just after King Goodwill and the President of South Africa Dr. Jacob Zuma spoke, I gave [...]

Dependent on your Mercy!

Tomorrow I deliver a talk on the Krsna conscious perspective of achieving social cohesion in South Africa. The president of the country and the king of the Zulu nation will be present. My dear Lord, grant me the intelligence to say what is right and the wisdom to touch the hearts of others. Let Krsna [...]

Sweeter than Sweet

We need to hear from the pure unalloyed devotees of the Lord whose hearts are like gold so that we can act as the transparent via medium for the Lord through which the message of Krsna consciousness can pass through loud and clear.


Tomorrow I am going to Bhutan, a country northeast of India, for two weeks. Srila Prabhupada writes: “It is the duty of a mendicant to experience all varieties of God’s creation by traveling alone through all forests, hills, towns, villages, etc., to gain faith in God and strength of mind as well as to enlighten [...]

Russian Yatra Festival

Last night’s kirtan at the Russian Yatra Festival. Srila Prabhupada realized the potential for Krsna consciousness in this country: “The Russian people as a growing nation and having a good feeling upon India’s culture may take advantage of this treasure house of transcendental literatures, not only for the benefit of the Russian people but for [...]

Not Forgotten

We have come to Omsk, Siberia to celebrate Radhastami with the devotees. Siberia, in the local Siberian Turkic language means, “the sleeping land.” Although Siberia comprises over 77% of Russia’s territory only 40 million people live here due to the harsh climate. Srila Prabhupada’s ISKCON society has been actively preaching in this region for many [...]

Sharing Krsna Consciousness: The Advanced Stage of Spiritual Life

“So I can understand that it is not an easy matter to travel extensively over long periods of time without proper food, rest, and sometimes it must be very cold there also, and still, because you are getting so much enjoyment, spiritual enjoyment, from it, it seems like play to you. That is advanced

Books Included!

“It is very encouraging to note that the work on our Back to Godhead and other books is going on. Actually producing and distributing books is our most important engagement, all other engagements culminate in this one end – distribution of books.” [ Srila

Following in Your Footsteps

“My heart is always hankering after that Vrindavan. Even though I am sitting in New York, a magnificent city, the world’s greatest city, I shall be very happy to return to my Vrindavan, that sacred place. Of course, if someone asks, ‘Then why are you here?’ I must say that it is my duty. I [...]