Nostalgia: Twenty years ago..

Nostalgia: Twenty years ago to the day – August 29, 1992.

One Day Out Of Many

Blissful harinama along the beaches of the Baltic Sea coast.

Every Day A Festival

Krsna conscious festivals have proven to be an ideal way to introduce society to our movement. Such festivals allow people a chance to participate in our activities, giving them a genuine taste for what we as devotees enjoy so much; namely chanting, dancing and feasting.

The Way Home

As the summer slowly ends, so does our festival tour. But we push on to the last moment, relishing our services as much as ever.

Forever More!

“Forever More!” Our most recent video of chanting the holy names along the coast of the Baltic Sea. A “must see!”

Cultural Gems!

“Let this festival go on for 100 years! ” – [ Captain of the port of Mrzezyno Poland ]

Every Town and Village

Each night we finish our festival program with a blissful kirtan. The best part is when our guests join in the singing and dancing. No wonder that Lord Caitanya chose congregational chanting of the holy names as the means of salvation for this age.

Sharing The Mercy

Yesterday we went on harinama and chanted and danced between rain showers. But the real shower was one of nectar, as people on the streets soon joined the harinama to sing and dance alongside us. — at Rewal Beach.

Rare Footage of Bindhu Madhava

I took this video one morning when I was in Varanasi in February. It shows the morning puja of Bindhu Madhava, the famous deity that Lord Caitanya visited daily while in Varanasi. Caitanya Caritamrta describes the ecstatic symptoms Mahaprabhu experienced while dancing in front of Bindhu Madhava.

Life In Vrindavan – Sataka 6

‎”If the youthful Divine Couple, who are as fragrant as beautiful sumanah flowers and the life of the entire world, will not sprinkle me with the nectar of Their mercy, then my friend I ask that you be merciful to me. Bless me that I may live my entire life at this sacred Radha Kunda.” [...]