The 25th anniversary of Festival of India Polish tour is halfway through and now its time for the biggest yajna in Iskcon's history - WOODSTOCK!!
Indradyumna Swami with 700 devotees shall take part at the 20th annual Woodstock Festival where 700,000 and more people are expected. RathYatras, spiritual discourses, endless Kirtans and 130,000 full plates prasadam and more.
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A Treasure Chest Of Blessings

Indradyumna Swami's new class,A Treasure Chest Of Blessings given during an initiation in Russia is now available for listening on

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He Was a Great Saintly Person

"In December of 1970 , Srila Prabhupada spent fourteen days in Surat, India, with twenty-five of his Western disciples. Five years earlier, he had traveled to the west on the order of his spiritual master, Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati, to spread Krsna Consciousness. " Read more here.
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Festivals in Krsna consciousness

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This week's theme: Festivals in Krsna consciousness
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Opening Day Woodstock

Opening day at Polish Woodstock saw our Ratha Yatra parade move majestically through the massive crowds and our Krsna’s Village of Peace packed to the maximum with young people relishing prasadam, kirtan and spiritual discourses. Srila Prabhupada, we offer all these results at your lotus feet!

700,000 People

The day before Polish Woodstock we had Ratha Yatra through the center of the field where 700,000 people are slowly setting up camp. Afterwards people flowed towards our Krsna’s Village of Peace to enjoy kirtan, prasada and a variety of events. Madhumangala das entertained 8 thousand people in our large tent with his band. Kirtan [...]

Only The Beginning

Two days before Woodstock officially opened 20 thousand young people had already arrived and set up their tents. We took full advantage and went on harinam with 500 devotees and invitations to Krsna’s Village of Peace. Though we ourselves were still putting the finishing touches to our village we managed to have kirtan in our [...]

Prayer for the Eastern Ukraine Devotees

A prayer for ISKCON’s devotees in the troubled region of eastern Ukraine: “O Lord Nrsimha, who are omnipresent, may your nails protect me and others at all times. Just as a lion attacks powerful elephant groups and splits apart their heads with it’s nails and the Vajrayudha (Indra’s defense weapon) splits the highest mountains, in [...]

Harinama Samkirtan

“I surrender to merciful Śrī Caitanya, astonishing in His activities, who revived the world covered with ignorance and made it mad with the abundant nectar of His prema.” [ Govinda Lilamrta, Chapter One, Text Two ] [ Photo: Harinama samkirtan, Kazan, Tatarstan, June 15, 2014 ]