South Africa

Indradyumna Swami was recently diagnosed with Melanoma skin cancer, but the small malignant mole was successfully removed and further testing showed it had not spread anywhere. He is thankful to all the concern, care and especially prayers by everyone.
He is presently recovering from surgery to the affected area and in few weeks time, He shall be good to start his travels again.
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Inspiring The Inspired

"Our team of 300 devotees was exhausted. We had already done 24 festivals along the Baltic Sea coast plus a "Krsna’s Village of Peace" festival at Woodstock, and now we were faced with the blissful but daunting prospect of doing 24 more over the second half of the summer." Read more here.

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Sir, Yes Sir!

Indradyumna Swami's new classes, on the Srimad Bhagavatam and Bhagavad Gita verses stresses on the importance and surrender unto spiritual master is now available for listening on

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Living Example

Discover short inspirational audio, video and text by Indradyumna Swami (a.k.a Srila Gurudeva) in "Gurudeva Weekly" section below.

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This week's theme: Living Example
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Sweet Memories

Just before leaving India a few weeks ago we recorded a promotional video of our theater, Usa and Aniruddha, in a proffesional studio in Mumbai.The filming took an entire day. Once the video is edited and completed we will use it to promote our show in other countries. While filming was going on, I took [...]

No Ordinary People

As I was getting into my taxi to leave Vrindavan today literally hundreds of thousands of people were on the parikrama marg, circumambulating the holy town. The crowds were so big that my taxi couldn’t move an inch. So I got out of the car and began taking photographs of all the beautiful people passing [...]

Forever Indebted

Tomorrow I am leaving Vrindavan. I have been fortunate to have spent much of the past 5 months in this transcendental abode. Today I went out to Radha Kunda to offer prayers of gratitude and ask blessings for my forthcoming preaching in the west. I also requested mercy to be able to return to Vrindavan [...]

Holy Name Of Krishna

When, by His grace, the Lord puts His devotee into difficulty, many lessons are to be learned. In the following days I will humbly try to share the realizations I got during my recent bout with cancer. “One who, at the time of death, chants the holy name, ‘Krishna! Krishna! Krishna!’ will not have to [...]

Good Fortune And Mercy

“A person who has developed detachment can give up the bondage of material society, friendship and love, and a person who undergoes great suffering gradually becomes, out of hopelessness, detached and indifferent to the material world. Thus, due to my great suffering, such detachment awoke in my heart; yet how could I have undergone such [...]