After 11 months of preaching in numerous countries around the world, Indradyumna Swami with Badahari Das, is back home at Sri Vrindavan Dham!
With 300 and more devotees, they spend chanting and discussing the glories of the Lord in the month long Kartik Parikrama.

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Inspiring The Inspired

"Our team of 300 devotees was exhausted. We had already done 24 festivals along the Baltic Sea coast plus a "Krsna’s Village of Peace" festival at Woodstock, and now we were faced with the blissful but daunting prospect of doing 24 more over the second half of the summer." Read more here.

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This Is What We Do

Indradyumna Swami's new class, This Is What We Do, the opening lecture on 2014 Vrindavan Parikrama and glories of Sri Vrindavan Dhama and new lectures given in Kartik Parikrama are now available for listening on

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Living Example

Discover short inspirational audio, video and text by Indradyumna Swami (a.k.a Srila Gurudeva) in "Gurudeva Weekly" section below.

Enjoy a rendez-vous with Gurudeva!

This week's theme: Living Example
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The Most Sacred Of All

Scripture says that Vrindavan is the most sacred place within the universe. Within Vrindavan, Govardhana Hill is considered the most holy. And on that transcendental mountain the lake of Radha Kunda is most sacred of all. The photography of Ananta Vrindavan das shows us why …

The Sun God In Vraja

The other day we visited Surya-kunda, where the Sun God performed austerities to see and serve Lord Krsna. His wish was fulfilled when Srimate Radharani asked him to warm the Lord’s transcendental body with his rays after Krsna came out of the water from battling the Kaliya serpent. Surya kund is also a place where [...]

Out Of This World!

Because our parikrama party consists mainly of Russian and Ukraine devotees we observed Govardhan Puja at the Radha Gokulananda Temple in Vrindavan, so we could translate each of the English lectures and talks into Russian. Everyone was excited because on the main alter of the temple is the Govardhan-sila that Lord Caitanya gave Raghunatha das [...]

Impelled To Dance

“I offer my obeisances unto the shoes of those devotees who are expert in extricating those sunk in the rotten muck in the bottom of the ocean of material existence, and who become blissful by hearing the pair of syllables, ‘Krsna’, impelled to dance with all their hairs bristling.” [ A verse by an Utkala [...]

A Lament

“The fortunate town of Navadvipa remains on the earth. The seashore remains. The city of Jagannatha Puri remains. The holy names of Krsna remain. But Alas! Alas! I do not see anywhere the same kind of festivals of pure love for Lord Hari. O Lord Caitanya, O ocean of mercy, will I ever see your [...]