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Visit to Vrinda Kunda

Фотоальом на FB Vrinda Kunda is a favorite place of pilgrimage for all Vrajavasis. Vrinda-devi herself is one of the 5 divine personalities who grant eternal residence in Vrindavan Dhama. Understanding these transcendental realities our parikrama party of nearly 500 devotees relished a day at Vrinda Kunda; hearing, chanting and enjoying each others association.


A Visit to the Kingdom of Bharatpur

Фотоальбом на FB Kartika Parikrama in Bharatpur Our Kartika parikrama took us to Bharatpur, a town within the sacred boundaries of Vraja Mandala, that is rich in the history of Vaisnava culture. A former king, Maharaj Suraj Mal, protected Bharatpur from foreign invaders, while at the same time inspiring his subjects in their spiritual lives. […]


Preparing for Kartik / Приготовление к карттике

Фотоальбом с FB – Great Expectations! For the past fews days I have been going around Vraja-mandala with a small group of devotees scouting out places to take our larger parikrama party of 350 devotees during the month of Kartika. As always, we’ve met with so many wonderful transcendental adventures. The people and places of […]

Ваша милость, Шрила Прабхпада…

Шрила Прабхупада, ваша милость – все, из чего я состою… “Вы не можете выжить без моей милости, и я не выживу без вашей. Это взаимно. Эта взаимозависимость основана на любви – сознании Кришны”. [ письмо Шрилы Прабхупады ученику, 22 января 1976 ] ____________________ Srila Prabhupada, your mercy is all that I am made of …. […]

После года интенсивной проповеди собираюсь домой, в Шри Вриндавана-дхаму

Tomorrow, after a year of intense preaching, I am going home to Sri Vrindavan dhama. It is only by the mercy of Srila Prabhupada and the saints that I can return. I often remember the words of Srinivas Acarya as he departed Vrindavan for preaching. As soon as he left, he was hankering to return. […]


Терпеливо ожидая поблизости…

«Нужно принять прибежище духовного учителя. Как пылающий лесной пожар ждет туч в небесах, надо ожидать милостивой тучи духовного учителя». [Лекция Шрилы Прабхупады в Лос-Анджелесе 2 января 1969 г.]   Waiting patiently by your side …. “One has to take shelter of spiritual master. Just like the blazing fire in the forest has to wait for […]


“O spiritual master… / О духовный учитель…”

“O spiritual master, I continually offer my obeisances unto you, who are always in the presence of Srimati Radharani and very much devoted to Her. You always reside in the association of Her confidantes, the gopis, and you are the abode of loving devotion to Krishna” “О духовный учитель, непрестанно предлагаю вам поклоны: вы всегда […]