Lord Ramacandra With The Chiefs Of His Army

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Lord Ramacandra stands holding a bow and arrow in the center of the painting surrounded by a rocky landscape. Laksmaṇ stands behind Him and also holds a bow and arrow. Like Lord Ramacandra, He is effulgent. Both Lord Ramacandra and Laksman wear wooden sandals.

Also standing behind Lord Ramacandra are Hanuman, Angada, Arunda, Nila and Samrambha. They all hold maces in their hands and wear golden crowns.

In front of Lord Ramacandra stands King Sugriva holding an umbrella in his left hand and a mace in his right hand. He is followed by Nala, Vanara, Durvinda and Rambha who all hold maces.

[ Watercolor on paper. Early 1800’s ]