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“Mumbling and prattling the many names of the Lord …
while onlookers say, “They’re crazy!”
entering or not entering cities
standing still or swaying
before a laughing world
they dance, they leap
undone by feeling
And the gods bow down
before them.”

[ A Poetic Translation of a song by Sri Namalwar –

one of the twelve Alvar saints of South India, who are known for their affiliation to the Vaishnava tradition. ]

[ From Sri Krishna Kathamrita Bindu issue 464 ]



“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”

— Nietzsche





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Ценность святой дхамы

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“Определенные места на земле более святы, чем другие: одни благодаря расположению, иные из-за своих искрящихся вод, а третьи – из-за общающихся или живущих там святых.

[ Махабхарата, Anusanana Парва 108: 16-18]

(фото: священная Ганга у Харидвара)

 “Certain areas on earth are more sacred than others, some on account
of their situation, others because of their sparkling waters, and others
because of the association or habitation of saintly people.”
   [ Mahabharata Anusanana Parva 108: 16-18 ]

foto: Haridwar, with the sacred Ganges.